Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a sex party? NO

  2. Why were there porn stars at the first event?  they are men that wanted to come, and all men are welcomed.

  3. Is there an age restriction?  yes, this event is for 21 and up.  The age range that attended the first event was 21 - 62.

  4. Do I need to book a room at the host hotel? NO, it doesn't matter where you lodge, but in order to enter the #BMEN2020 party, you need a pass.

  5. How much is the event going to cost me?  It depends on the type of room you book, the method of traveling to the event, and the pass you buy.  The event can be as low as $500, and as high as you want it to be.

  6. Is this party for muscle men only?  NO, all body types were at the first party, they just didn't want to be filmed.  Thick, skinny, muscle, white, black, Latin, none of that matters.  JUST RESPECT PEOPLE AT MY PARTY AND WE WILL ALL HAVE A GOOD TIME.

  7. Can I walk around nude?  YES, in the nude areas of the resort.

  8. Can I have sex in public? NO, you have a room for that.  Enjoy the private space you are paying for.

  9. Can I have guests in my room, or at the party?  YES, if they buy a pass to enter the host hotel.

  10. Are women allowed?  NO, this is an all-male resort by itself and an all-male party. #BMEN

  11. Should I rent a car?  Uber and Lift are perfect for this weekend.  If you are staying at the host hotel, parking is limited.  Save your dollars.

  12. What is there to do?  the beach is across the street, literally.  The mall and "Gay Town" are an Uber ride away, there are excursions on the beach and multiple restaurants on the strip.

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