b.MEN in Hot Lauderdale

The 2nd annual B.Men in Hot Lauderdale is here!  September 17-20th 2020, set your calendar and get ready to book "b.Men" in 2020.

b.Men, is the party where men can be men.  An event that will be hosted at the amazing Grand Resort and Spa, in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Why should you go to b.MEN in Hot Lauderdale?  10 REASONS

  1. Outdoor activities.  Catch air Flyboarding. Try an emerging water sport that is making it mainstream with Flyboard South Florida.  CHECK OUT THIS TOP TEN LIST OF THINGS TO DO!

  2. The Grand Resort and Spa is affordable, with continental breakfast, free wifi, a clothing optional adult area, and full spa on deck.

  3. Food and Drinks on location.  Food and selected drinks will be available for VIP members.

  4. The beautiful Fort Lauderdale beach is only one block away from the host resort.  A car is not needed.

  5. It's a "Great Escape" and an awesome way to take a break from the traffic of people.  During this time in Fort Lauderdale, the streets aren't polluted with people.  You can breathe, relax, and be at peace.

  6. Wesley's parties are always fun and different.  It will be a new experience for the avid partier, and the person new to the party scene.

  7. "Package Deal" Buy 3 nights and you get the 4th night free.  So come Thursday and leave Monday, or come Friday and leave Tuesday.

  8. "Mix and Mingle".  Meet and create new bonds with people from around the world.  You never know who will meet. 

  9. It's All about locationEverything that you need from the restaurants, the mall, shopping boutiques, and more are all with in walking distance from the resort.  The only time you will need transportation will be for the clubs, which is 5 minute by car/Uber.

  10. MONEY.  Lets face it, in today's world, money plays a factor in whether or not we can ultimately enjoy a vacation.  b.Men in Hot Lauderdale is definitely an affordable trip.  Rooms are as low as $120/night, and there is a low priced pass available that offers complimentary drinks and meals.  A car is not needed to enjoy the trip.  Your trip can be under $1000, if you plan now to play later.

What is the Schedule? (this schedule can change as the event approaches)

Friday September 18th -

  1. 5:00pm - 6:00pm Welcome Reception by the Pool (guests will be greeted by b.Men and Resort staff).

  2. Complimentary cocktails and music played, for guests to meet and greet.  

  3. Spades & Games Tournament starts at 7pm ends at 9pm. 

  4. Club event and party details coming soon. 

Saturday September 19th -

  1. The Grand Resort and Spa Pool Party 12pm to 6pm. 

  2. Swimsuit fashion show during the pool party.

  3. Spades & Games Tournament starts at 7pm ends at 9pm.  

  4. Club event and party details coming soon.

Sunday September 20th -

  1. Free day to enjoy the beautiful city and surrounding areas.

  2. Wesley’s Bday Pent House/Jacuzzi close out Party 6pm ends at 10pm.   

The b.Men PASS



  1. 3 Complimentary Shot tickets with a wrist band.

  2. Food available during selected resort events.

  3. Access to Penthouse Party on Sunday, Sept. 20th

  4. Entry to Grand Resort & Spa (Sept. 17th - 20th)

  5. Access to Pool Party & Fashion Show.

  6. b.Men 2020 Gift Bag.

  • amenities may change as the event approaches.  

The Boss VIP

Not Sold

  1. The Boss Welcome basket, with your choice of Vodka or cognac (options listed in purchase menu), fruit and awesome giveaways.

  2. Digital Photography Package (10 edited photos of your trip)

  3. The Grand VIP Section for the Pool Party.

  4. First Entry to all b.MEN events.

  5. Food available during selected resort events.

  6. 3 Complimentary Shot tickets with BOSS band.

  • amenities may change as the event approaches.  

Public PASS


  1. Entry to Grand Resort & Spa (Sept. 17th - 20th).  You will be charged at the door and will pay daily to enter resort.

  • This pass was created if you are not staying at any of the B.Men properties, and would still like to attend the festivities at the Grand Resort during b.Men 2020.  

The Grand Resort and Spa

I have been to the Grand Resort and Spa multiple times, and I have always been treated with respect and cared for with complete satisfaction.  Casey and his team are phenomenal.  b.MEN in Hot Lauderdale will call the Grand Resort and Spa home for years to come.


  1. All of the rooms are renovated with a modern look, and at a low price starting at $120 a night.  Buy 3 nights get the 4th night free.

  2. Clothing optional adult area.

  3. Exceptional guest services, and amazing amenities.

  4. Beautiful oasis and sitting area on the property.  The beach is with in walking distance.

  5. Outside Jacuzzi and lounging area near the full spa.

How do I BOOK MY ROOM at The Grand Resort and Spa?

The contact for the resort is Edward, phone number 954.630.3000.  The website is The booking for the time frame of the event will be blocked on the website, so you will need to call Edward to secure an actual reservation.  Once you call, and receive your reservation number immediately buy your VIP or Guest pass in order to lock in your spot.  b.MEN is a private event and you are required to have a pass to be a part of the festivities.  There are a limited number of passes, so secure your spot.

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